Barcelos Cidade Criativa

24 April, 2019 @ 12:00 am – 31 May, 2019 @ 12:00 am
Sala Gótica - Paços do Concelho
4750 - Barcelos
Barcelos Cidade Criativa @ Sala Gótica - Paços do Concelho

The decision to apply is based on the existence of a local creative community with national recognition based in its good practices and “know-how” acquired over centuries. With the following objectives:

  • Aim to integrate an international network to encourage creative culture;
  • Play an active role in the development of projects with other cities in the network.
  • Value traditional arts and crafts, support new generations of artisans;
  • Establish the foundations to the emergence new jobs in crafted arts and creative industries;
  • Promote networking; creative hubs in the city and support artistic activity.

Barcelos is a land of artisans, carpenters, basket makers, blacksmiths, embroiderers, weavers and, above all, recognized in the country and in the world for being a land of ceramists.

The great names of Portuguese Popular Art are natives of this territory (Ramalho, Baraça, Mistério, Côta, Berguesa, among others).

 In the same way, the most dynamic and sustainable handicraft Portuguese productions are established in this territory, as well as its most renowned artists. Barcelos has two certified products (Pottery and Figurines) and one in process, the Embroidery.

 Barcelos crafts and folk arts constitute a transversal activity and a common ground in the foundation of the territory.

 Crafts and folk arts symbolize a collective way of life, fundamental in the transgenerational bases of families, with decisive contributions to the formation of craftsmanship social identity in Barcelos.

 An activity that continues to evolve and whose productions have become highly specialized and sustainable.